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The following SAGE distributor has used SAGE's real-time supplier rating system to rate your company:

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  • A+

Pulled a miracle out of a hat for me with delivering on impossible timelines. Julie Connoy

You may post a public response to your ratings through the SAGE Supplier Center.  Your response will be shown next to the rating in all of our distributor research services.  You may edit your responses at any time.

Distributors may change supplier ratings at any time using SAGE Online, SAGE Web, or SAGE Mobile.  If a rating is changed, the old rating will be instantly removed from your averages and replaced with the new rating.  Each distributor may only rate your company one time in our system.  Although we encourage distributors to provide their contact information, they may choose whether or not to provide their contact information.  For more information regarding our real-time rating system, please view our knowledge base article .

For tips on improving your SAGE ratings, please see suggestions for improving your ratings .

To find out more about SAGE's powerful marketing and business management tools for suppliers, please visit www.sageworld.com or call us at 800.925.7243 .