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About Us


AZX & Simplified Sourcing is one of the Top 50 largest Suppliers in North America with annual turnover of $25MIL+ and a workforce of 125+.  We are celebrating our 25th year in business.  We are able to produce many of our top selling products in 48-72 hours, then have them deliver duty free in the U.K. 2-3 working days later.  We have large manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Canada, New York, USA and California, USA.  We are also part owners in a large factory in China where we have tremendous buying power that allows us to be competitive even with direct overseas pricing.  At AZX & Simplified Sourcing we take compliance and product safety extremely seriously.  We have a robust compliance and product safety program to ensure we are protecting our Distributor Partners and their End Users.


5 Star Supplier: Year in year out we work hard to earn our 5 Star rating. Trust your order with AZX and rest easy knowing it will arrive as ordered, on time, the first time.

Safety: Made in the USA, Canada, or overseas; you’ll find a compliance documents for the products we supply, including CPSIA, and PROP 65.


30 Minute Promise: Expect accurate information throughout the entire order process.

  • Returned calls and emails within 30 minutes

  • Order Acknowledgement faxed and emailed within 30 minutes of PO

  • Tracking numbers, packing slips, and your invoice within 30 minutes of shipping

Personal Account Executive: You’ll have a dedicated account executive who knows and understands your business and handles your account with the authority to make quick decisions on the spot.

Dual Production Capability: AZX has domestic production, and its own overseas factory. Producing 30,000 units a day domestically, and unlimited overseas competence. Since we own the factory, we can beat your overseas pricing. 

Price Guarantee: Unlike other vendors, we don't negotiate pricing after you've quoted your client. AZX honors published pricing so you don't have to phone to confirm pricing, and we guarantee the pricing throughout the year.

On Time: At AZX, we understand how important your customer's in-hand date is, and we achieved our 5 Star rating by producing quality goods- on time.


Problem Solving: AZX follows flexibility and imagination to get the deal done. From the first step, understanding your needs, thinking outside the box, and providing solutions, since 1994.